About us

We’ve been in business now since 1986, but our owner Henry has 43 years of experience in the feed, electrical & procurement industries.

Henry has an extreme passion in what he does, and what was once a hobby he has now turned into a business that makes him smile everyday. We enjoy seeing each and every customer with the correct products, not something they do not need or ripping them off either. If we had no bills and could do it for free we would!

Each and every customer, bird, solar setup or item that needs procurement deserves to be treated with respect & attention whilst benefiting from 43 years of experience. Our goal is to ensure each and every customer leaves with a smile and content knowing they have the right gear for their application.

Our Work & Guarantee

We guarantee all of our work and products, our objective is to ensure you are happy and that our products meet your requirements. Our workmanship is backed by 43 years of experience and we only use Hagen birds related products.

Our Team

Meet our team
Henry Balfour

Henry Balfour

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